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The summer of 1954. We don't need to worry about our cell phones and computers. They haven't been invented yet. Color TV? Maybe a few of those "high on the hog" have them but the rest of us are content with black and white television, watching that brand new comedy called "I Love Lucy!"  A new type of music is just now coming onto the scene.  Something called Rock n Roll and you can hear it on this new technology called a transistor radio as you cruise around town in your gas-guzzling V-8. Well why not?  Gas is still holding at 20 cents a gallon! But something we do need to worry about in 1954...getting uptown early on July 17th  for our pork sandwiches at the Kewanee Centennial celebration. There's music, dancing,'s gonna be crazy cool daddio and the best party of the summer of '54!

Ok, fast forward to 2017. We're now 64 years down the road and STILL rolling our way through every Labor Day weekend every year here in Kewanee, IL to celebrate our roots in agriculture and officially mark the end of summer with 4 days of food, festival and fun!

The weekend includes three health fitness runs and walks (one just for kids), golf, disc golf, co-ed softball, a biking tour of the Kewanee/Henry County area that can be competitive or not (it's up to you)  and the ever popular Hog Wallow Classic - a mud fest with a little volleyball thrown in!

There's the flea market/craft show that takes place in one of our picturesque parks,  the Model T and A Road Rally, our local library's annual book sale, the Boss Manufacturing/Excel Leather Outlet coat and glove sale and tours of Ryan's Round Barn...a huge (over 80' tall) refurbished structure from the early 1900s that is considered one of the tallest barns in America with absolutely no corners so there's no place for the devil to hide!

Oh and don't forget the annual Hog Days parade! A one mile march of bands, floats and everything red, white and blue to celebrate our pride in agriculture, our country and just to make a PIG deal out of life here in the Midwest!

And if you get hungry, we have the World's Largest Outdoor Pork Barbecue going on all weekend long serving over 30 thousand pork chop and pork burger sandwiches as well as nearly fifty food vendors set up on the streets of downtown Kewanee and at the flea market/craft show serving everything from chicken fingers (what!) to pork ka-bobs and everything in between! We have numerous "all you can eat" breakfasts put on by local clubs and service organizations in Kewanee as well as a host of restaurants and local eating establishments ready and waiting for you all weekend long.

For kids of all ages we have C.D.A.C Carnival and Concessions with dozens of family-friendly games and rides. Free stage shows are held all weekend long and there's plenty of time to just relax and enjoy the final days of summer with family, friends, guests and visitors before we begin the trek into falling leaves and football.

So grab your smart phone and laptop (you really don't need the color TV anymore) and head on in to Kewanee, IL Friday, September 1st through Monday, September 4th, 2017 for our 64th annual Kewanee Hog Days.  The food, festival and fun continue. The party rolls on!




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