Photographer Kevin Clark of CommunityCasts.com in Cambridge, IL has been contracted to be the official Hog Days picture taker this year! Kevin will be taking photos at all the events throughout HogFest Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Galleries of these photos will be posted on CommunityCasts by the end of each day so you can keep up with everything going on at Hog Days in a timely fashion.  Start getting familiar with CommunityCasts by clicking on the link below and watch for exclusive, up to the minute Hog Days coverage this year throughout festival weekend!

If you Google the phrase "bringing home the bacon" you'll find it comes from the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Back then bacon was considered so valued of a commodity that it could be part of peoples' pay for work done. In time it came to mean you were doing a successful job...you were "bringin' home the bacon."

We think the phrase is a perfect fit for Kewanee Hog Days, our annual Labor Day weekend celebration that has been marking the end of summer around these parts since 1954! It all began when Henry County Illinois (where Kewanee is located) was declared the top hog producing county in America by the United States Department of Agriculture (1947) and then named Hog Capital of the World by an Illinois House of Representatives Resolution (1949).  Well, THAT called for a celebration and the concept of Hog Days was eventually born!

Here we are 61 years later.  Henry County is no longer the top hog producing county in all of America but we still keep the title alive and honor our roots in farming every Labor Day weekend with Kewanee Hog Days. A time to remember who we are and to come together in a festival atmosphere to salute the end of summer and welcome in Fall.

The very first event ever held, the Barrow Show, is still on the schedule every year...along with mud volleyball, flea markets and crafts, a Model T and A Rally, carnival and concessions, a mammoth car show, tournaments for golf, softball and biking and a hog stampede, now entered and run by hundreds of humans instead of real live hogs as used to be the case back in 1954! There's also the World's Largest Outdoor Pork Barbecue, serving over 30 thousand butterfly and pork burger sandwiches and, of course, plenty of time to just enjoy the last days of summer with family, friends, neighbors and visitors.

If you can, come join us August 29th through September 1st, 2014 for our 61st Annual Kewanee Hog Days.  It's where we've been bringin' home the bacon (and the chops and the fun and the memories!) since 1954!

These awesome businesses and organizations help support Hog Days! Please visit them online. We are grateful for their kindness and generosity.






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