So Far, Over 2 MILLION Sandwiches Served!

We call it the world's largest outdoor pork barbecue.  And for good reason.  First, there are the custom-made 24 foot long grills.  Next we add over 8 thousand pounds of premium grade charcoal.  Then we have an army of volunteers, many involved in one aspect or another of the pork industry, many more who are just plain GOOD at grilling.  They use over 300 pounds of our "special" Hog Days seasoning powder and go about throwing some meat on the barbie.  But let's talk about "some."

We serve between 30 thousand and 32 thousand  butterfly chops and pork burgers in a little under 30 hours over Hog Fest weekend (the grills are in operation from 5 to 9 PM on Friday; 11 AM to 9 PM on Saturday and Sunday; and 11AM  to 5 PM on Monday). That works out to about a thousand sandwiches (or more) an hour every hour without stop all the time the grills are

in operation. Depending on peak demand, a lot more than a thousand pieces of meat in some of those hours around lunch and supper time!  Talk about trusting that it will all work out!

But what happens if it rains?  Or it's cold?  Or people don't show up for their shift?  Or someone's feet hurt from standing too long?  Well, as they say: "the show must go on" and somehow it does and so far it has for 63 consecutive years. By the way, that's two MILLION sandwiches served so far! And we haven't even touched on (although they have our undying gratitude and admiration as well) the next wave of volunteers...all the folks who make and bag those 30-some thousand sandwiches, sell the tickets and deliver sandwiches to those incapacitated in elder-care and rest homes. Oh, and did we mention it's not only a weekend but also a

   holiday weekend and most of these volunteers have regular fulltime jobs and families to tend to just like everyone else but they don't mind giving up some their personal time to do something nice for their community so that friends and neighbors and visitors can have something fun to do for the last holiday of the summer? And just when you thought there was no hope for the world, here come the Hog Days volunteers. Truly, at this point we become humbled and speechless and hope these folk know how great a role they play in the success of our community's celebration.

So there you have it. The Big "Q!"  Come visit us in Kewanee over Labor Day weekend.  It's one of many things our community and surrounding area do way beyond well!

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